Food Waste Recovery e-Course Cover

The course presents the common food waste sources and respective high added-value components, while it describes the common recovery stages, conventional and emerging technologies applied from the source to the final product. It explores patented methodologies that led to commercial products and ultimately discusses the main problems behind developing a laboratory methodology to a real market product. This course is envisaged to investigate the real full-scale applications and fill the gap between academia and industry within the above topics.

After successful completion of the e-course, the participants have knowledge on the technologies used for the recovery of valuable compounds from food processing waste and their reutilization in food chain. They are able to identify target compounds in different substrates and design a strategy for the separation of target macro- and micro-molecules, the recapture of them in different streams, their formulation in products and their merchandise as food additives. The successful graduates are registered directly in the experts database of the group and assigned with priority to the activities of the open innovation network (

After successful completion of this course the participants have knowledge about the processes for residues treatment allowing the possibility of implementation of new technologies in the mitigation of environmental impacts generated by the food industry.