The module will take you XX to XX hours to complete. In order to receive an E-SafeFood certificate of completion, you must complete all the module units by INSERT DATE AND TIME.

A completion bar will appear at the upper right part of each unit and can be used to track your progress. Please make sure that all activities are marked as done (green color) when you finish the unit. 


The training module on the validation or verification of the microbiological shelf-life of foodstuffs with an basic level is aimed:

  • SMEs : production supervisor, quality manager, other activity supervisor (e.g purchase of raw materials, cleaning and disinfection, metrology - equipment maintenance), production operators
  • small scale producers involved in food products transformation and their agricultural technical support adviser
  • agricultural/agri food educators and students
  • technical support staff within federations

Regulations (EC) N° 2073/2005 lays down the ready-to-eat food microbiological criteria for certain micro-organisms and the implementing rules to be complied with by food business operators.

The BASIC level develops dedicated pedagogical material to alloaw the trainees to improve microbial safety legislation, knowledge of the pathogen bacteria, the hygiene indicator germ and the spoilage microorganisms. The food controls means of theses undesirables food microorganisms are also presented. 

This module contains four units.