The ADVANCED level of the Microbial Shelf Life module provides information about:

  • Design of microbiological sampling plans, performance assessment and interpretation

  • Primary and secundary fitting growth models

  • Stochastic assessment of shelf life of foods: cold chain

The ADVANCED level of the Microbial Shelf Life Module is aimed at:

  • trainees which have completed the BASIC and INTERMEDIATE levels

    This level contains 3 units. And it takes approx. 2 hours to complete. In order to receive an E-SafeFood certificate of completion, you must finish all units. A completion bar will appear at the upper right part of each unit and can be used to track your progress. Please make sure that all activities are marked as done (green color) when you finish the unit. 

    The objective is to give an overview of sampling plans inlcuding basic definitions, statistical aspects and methods for assessment.
    The objective is to present the software and data to fit primary and secondary growth models using as example a practical excercise.

    The objective is to present the effect of temperature on microbial growth, the use of secondary models to model the effect of temperature and the distributions. It includes also a Case study on the assessment of shelf life under two cold chain scenarios.

    After finishing the ADVANCED level, please fill in the feedback form to receive a certificate of completion.